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segregation of duties


The goal of our SoD tool is to highlight and mitigate potential risks. We can increase the visibility of potential risks or fraudulent incidents in your organisation. It highlights the unilateral actions within your organisation that could have irreversible effects.

prevent fraud & risk

though the

segregation of duties

Imagine that some of our major internal processes were managed by a single person. One person with the abilitiy to control your assests, one person with the keys, the lock and the code to your organisation. A single human error that could become an expensive action to correct.

Our SoD Tool has been developed to provide you with an in-depth overview of the potential for risk within your organisation and to assist you in mitigating these disatrous outcomes. 

Trevor to provide SoD Video

  • mitigate risk

    Mitigate the risk
    between different
    roles and responsibilities.

  • asset control

    Safeguard your
    assets with insights at your


  • fraud

    Prevent fraud or
    theft with an overview of 

    your current Segregation of 


  • one tool

    An SoD Tool to
    manage and mitigate risk 

    within your organisation.

roles & responsibilities

Risk can be managed and maintained by viewing the key roles and responsibilities per organisational resource. Roles and responsibilities are closely coupled to mitigating the collusion risk associated to each department and individual. 

risk per


With your organisation operating in multiple locations, our SoD tool provides the insight into mitigating the potential violations at each location.

rule detAIL

Our SoD Tool will provide you with the ability to drill-down to view which riles and processes are being violated from location to user access, indicating which rules were being violated with the SYSPRO activities associated to it.

manage your segregation of duties

Prevent a single person from having access to assets and responsibility for maintaining the accountability of your assets. You will be able to update a rule set, mitigate a rule and amend the mitigations. 

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