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Why do all the hard work yourself when you can pay us to do it for you? Our in-house-made products give you just what you need to speed up implementation of new solutions. They're simple and easy to use, saving you money at every turn.

We offer a variety of products, from the database and financial reporting to governance and risk management. If none of those fit your needs, then there's probably something else we can help with!

We have been Managed Gold Microsoft Partners since inception, proud to be servicing trusted Clients for nearly 

20 Years and building on those relationships daily by giving

our clients a solid data foundation and building trusted

business analytics to provide critical insights.

nearly 20 years

of Data Management and Business Intelligence with Bespoke Application Development Excellence

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our clients

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Strengthen your leadership skills by being both strategic and technical when it comes to managing your finances.


Harness the power of technology as you use FinWorx to automate all routine tasks related to finance management. Keep on top of what's going on in your company with real-time reporting for key metrics. 

Let FinWorx take care of all the tedious tasks - this way, you'll be able to focus on what's most important: your company's bottom line!

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Combining our expertise, we can offer retailers a more thorough understanding of what happens inside their organisations which immediately leads to better decisions inside your organisation.

RetailWorx offers retailers the ability to turn large quantities of data into actionable business insights and key performance indicators they can track day-to-day using Microsoft Power BI - built on top our your pre-built data layer.

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segregation of duties

The segregation of duties aims to divide tasks so that no one person has complete control over all aspects of a business process. We can highlight the unilateral decisions that may lead to irreversible consequences within your organization.

To reduce the risk of fraud, we can identify and mitigate issues before they happen. By highlighting potential problems, your company will be more aware, so there are no accidents because you're being proactive.

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Conductor4SQL saves organizations with a large database footprint lots of time and money when it comes to managing and monitoring their environments remotely.

Security, auditing, governance, automation—all these different things are important parts of the solution.


Data synchronization lets organizations quickly pull up data feeds from across their entire environment to one centralized server so they can do live reporting, stock updates—anything they want really. It's just another way that Conductor4SQL works hard to make its customers' lives easier!

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