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At the heart of your company lies your data. The "stuff" that provides you with knowledge about your organisation. Are we making a profit? Have we shipped our goods on time? Do we need to replenish stock? Which regions are the best and worst performers? EnterpriseWorx provides you with these answers through Business Intelligence. We help you make sense of the "stuff", your data.

Our dynamic BI Team can convert your existing Qlikview models to Power BI, and vice versa.  


We provide data insights to one of South Africans most prominent logistics companies. With critical insights into your logistics, you can easily determine where your organisation is struggling and excelling


With a solution deployed at one of South Africas largest beverage manufacturers, we sync their data with one of our tools and provide reporting on their SQL environments.


An all-encompassing Retail Reporting tool, provides you with critical insight into your retail environment with real time analytics into your active environments.

From qlik to power bi

It has become apparent that lots of our clients are looking at migrating from Qlikview to Power BI or vice versa. Our BI Team is skilled in both technologies and have been converting the reporting models successfully.

Financial Solutions

From accounting to insurance, our BI Solutions assist everyone in the Financial sector. With solutions deployed at major banks and insurance companies, we can provide you with insight into critical data.

Bespoke Solution

Didn't find anything that suits your business? We can create a Bespoke reporting solution based on your business needs. Our mature BI Team has worked in multiple industries and will be able to support your individual needs

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