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our services

We don't want to bore you with the traditional list my services page, instead, we want to let you know that you have come to the right place looking for the Obi-wan of Data Management, seeking the truth within your business through business intelligence and analytics, and last but not least a custom/bespoke application tailored for just your specific needs.

We have two decades of experience in exactly that with a long list of clients, and proud to say that we are still servicing our very first client since we opened our doors. 

The cornerstone of our business is our employees. Our dynamic team is diverse in skills and have serviced many varying industries, from retail, manufacturing, mining, insurance and finance.

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our clients

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what we do best

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business intelligence

At the heart of your company lies your data. The "stuff" that provides you with knowledge about your organisation. Are we making a profit? Have we shipped our goods on time? Do we need to replenish stock? Which regions are the best and worst performers?


EnterpriseWorx provides you with these answers through Business Intelligence. We help you make sense of the "stuff", your data.

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data management

Data is the "stuff" that runs your business. No matter the distance or the connection quality, we can centralise your data and provide you with management and analytics on your business data.


Let us build your data warehouse, help you manage and maintain that environment with ease, get out of the manual tasks and let us automate those pesky admin tasks that rob you of your time.

Let your data work for you, don't work for your data. 

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application development

We specialize in custom software development made just for you, tailored specifically to your specifications and needs. To find out how our years of experience can help bring your idea to life, contact us today.


Our goal is to provide cost-efficient, professional and effective solutions with every project we take on that saves time without compromising quality. We deliver on time and within budget—every single time!

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