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Our in-house designed products to help you achieve your time to value when having to implement a new solution. With near plug and play capabilities, our products save you on the initial development costs as it has been developed by industry leaders! 

Need database management? Need Financial reporting? Need governance and risk-managed? You are in the right place. With multiple products up our sleeve, we have a product that fits your needs!


Strengthen your position as a business leader by becoming technical and strategic with your financial data. Manage and analyse your data by harnessing the power of technology. Focus on the critical business decision while FinWorx executes on the manual tasks.

segregation of duties

The goal of our SoD tool is to highlight and mitigate potential risks. We can increase the visibility of potential risks or fraudulent incidents in your organisation. It highlights the unilateral actions within your organisation that could have irreversible effects.


Intelligent Database Management software that alleviates your resources of the day-to-day tasks to focus on the critical business areas. humm.db provides reporting on all your SQL instances and databases to provide you with near real-time insight.


 Not all solutions are made equal and that is why Conductor4SQL stands out. Synchronise and centralise your SQL Server Instances efficiently and costly. Conductor4SQL's compression has been tested by Microsoft and proven its efficiency. 

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