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August 30, 2018

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August 30, 2018

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Business Intelligence (BI) has been steadily evolving to adapt to numerous technology landscape changes in recent years – for example, mobility, big data and the rise of social media. But this year, we are likely to see significant and rapid BI change taking place as game-changing new technologies come to market and enterprise attitudes mature.


Push analytics is possibly the biggest innovation coming to the fore in BI today.  Monitoring, alerts and analytics are nothing new in BI; but with the advent of technologies like Google Glass, we are beginning to see the potential for BI and analytics tools that deliver the relevant information to the user – before he asks for it. Consumer applications are available today that deliver relevant information from a range of sources – take, for example, applications running on new mobile platforms, which can integrate a user’s meeting schedule, maps and traffic information to alert the user to how much time they will need to travel to their next meeting. Consumerisation trends mean we are likely entering an era when enterprise BI becomes more intuitive, pushing relevant information to the user shaped around who they are and what they wish to accomplish.


 Personal BI is coming to the fore as part of this change. Consumer technologies such as smart fitness monitors have started taking BI into some consumers’ lives, but with the arrival of BI-based applications in mainstream products like next generation smart phones, we can expect massive uptake of personal BI. Now, with tools such as the smart phone health applications, consumers can track things like exercise, weight and rest. Applications like this could be a tipping point for personal BI, as millions of