Gain powerful insight

into your business with

Power BI

Better business decisions through accurate and fast reporting, analysis and planning. Let us help you with better business decisions, as you gain powerful insight into your business with business intelligence and analytics. 

9 Reasons to choose Power BI


Combine your on-premise and cloud data to monitor all your important enterprise data into a single-view


Reveal insights into your data with compelling interactive visuals of your data. Putting you ahead of your competitors

Data Sources

Ability to connect to various data sources and applications whether they live on-premise or on cloud 


Real-time functionality allows dashboards to update in real-time providing live feedback of organisational data

Q & A

Ask questions about your data and Power BI will provide you with the answers in natural language


Rich customisable dashboards to meet your needs, embed reports and dashboards for a unified user experience

Memory & Speed

Eliminate memory and speed constraints by moving to Power BI Embedded and quickly retrieve analysed data 

Embed BI

Geo-map visualisations are available through Bing-maps providing you with interactive reporting


Power BI is continually updated to provide its users with new functionality and features, ensuring constant innovation

Want to Convert from Green to Gold?

We understand your business and there are many reasons why you would want to convert from

Qlikview to Power BI:


7 Reasons to choose Power BI over Qlikview:

  • Power BI is ideal for self-service analytics and enables the end-user

  • Easy to implement and learn

  • Can access dashboards from multiple devices at any time

  • Powerful visualisations of organisational data

  • Integrates seamlessly with different data sources

  • Cost-effective

  • Natural language interface

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