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  • By Marliesa Dougans


EnterpriseWorx announces its strategic decision to become Power BI Partners as leaders in the Data Analytics environment. One of the most valuable assets of any organisation is its data.

“Data Warehousing and BI is one of our core functionalities at EWX, we are always looking at new tech and ways to improve our client’s insight into their critical data; Power BI was an easy decision”, says Tyron Dougans, Data and Analytics Manager at EnterpriseWorx

As Gold-Certified Microsoft Partners, EnterpriseWorx saw the benefits in becoming Power BI Partners to better support their customers. EnterpriseWorx possesses a strong Data Management and Business Intelligence team with extensive experience in Power BI.

Power BI is a data visualization tool that allows organisations to gain insight into their critical data. Essentially, it enables organisations to transform their complex data into a more accessible and understandable format, after which they can leverage these insights to make more calculated decisions. This is done through the extraction of data and presenting it in dynamic and interactive data visualization sets.

The functionality and flexibility of Power BI allow organisations to make use of multiple data sources and consolidate it into one dataset for reporting. They can share dashboards and access these on multiple devices. Information is accessible in real time and enables the user to see trends and make informed decisions to avoid any potential issues. Power BI is a cloud-based solution; with the integration of Microsoft Azure it affords organisations scalability, security, and reliability at enterprise level.

The EnterpriseWorx Data and Analytics team can provide organisations with in-depth visualizations on their data. Dashboards filled with reporting pleasure is not the only benefit Power BI provides – it also contains the functionality of intelligence. This means integrating Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence into organisational reports. Power BI Dashboards provide the user with smart data.

“Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing is critical to any organisation’s success, why not incorporate AI and ML to provide smart insight into your organisation? Organisations can make educated prescriptive business decisions on their critical data”, says Tyron Dougans

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