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Make a Difference: Buckets of Love 2014

As the year draws quickly to an end and everyone anticipates the festivities of the holiday season, time away from the office or time spent with family and good friends, let us not forget those who are not as privileged as we may find ourselves.

For some, this Christmas will be just another day that they struggle to get by. Thanks to our valued clients, employees and partners, EnterpriseWorx is able to once again undertake an initiative that aims to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate than us this Christmas.

The executive team and the shareholders at EnterpriseWorx believe it’s time to give back and have decided to once again embark on a campaign to collect donations for “Buckets of Love”.

“Buckets of Love” will take food into homes where there isn’t enough and will feed children who would otherwise go hungry. The initiative aims at distributing at least 8,000 buckets of love in over 50 communities.

How can you be a part of this campaign? Show your support by buying a bucket or contributing towards one! A single bucket costs R135.00.

What will EnterpriseWorx do? For every bucket you buy – we will buy two!

Your gift will allow us to send not one, but 3 Buckets of Love: packed with 13 food items – and a ton of comfort to bring relief to rural townships that need it most.

How do you go about contributing? Deposit the amount of your donation into our account making use of the following details – NB: Please make sure you use the correct Reference: – Bank Account Name: EnterpriseWorx IT – Bank Name: ABSA – Branch Code: 632005 – Bank Account Number: 9277707644 – Reference: “BOL Don” <you can append your name if you so wish> Please send proof of payment to accounts@ewx.co.za.

What happens next? We will sum up all donations received before close of business on the 1st of December 2014 and multiply this number by two and donate this, along with all your contributions to the charity. If you wish to receive Proof of Payment of our final donation to the cause please state thus on your email to us with your proof of payment and we will gladly do so.

As in the years past, we are confident that EnterpriseWorx and all its associates (staff, clients, partners, friends and family) will make every effort to bring a smile to someone’s face one day this year. Feel free to pass the news to all those around you and get them to help out too and we will simply double up their contributions.

It’s a simple plastic bucket, filled with 13 basic food items. And for families who are grateful for one meal a day, it’s nothing short of a God-send. A bucket contains:

X1 1kg Rice X1 500g Sugar X1 Tea Bags – 26’s X1 410g Rhodes Mixed Vegetables X1 200g Imana Oxtail Soya Mince X1 500g Lentils X1 200g Oven Fresh Lemon Creams X1 100 Chews (Sweets) X1 1kg White Star Maize Meal X1 500g Imbo Samp & Beans X1 425g Glenryck Pilchards in Tomato Sauce X1 400g Nutty’s Peanut Butter X1 500g Soup Mix

2012 You donated R11,480.00 / EnterpriseWorx donated R22,960.00 / Buckets of Love received R34,440.00 2013 You donated R8,060.00 / EnterpriseWorx donated R16,120.00 / Buckets of Love received R24,180.00