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EWX positions itself for success

March 2016 – EnterpriseWorx, a specialist provider of data management, business intelligence and software engineering services, has announced new executive assignments to support the company’s rapid growth.

These changes were made in the hopes of strengthening the management structure as the company expands into the overseas market. Despite economic conditions, the company is expanding in terms of new acquisitions and has increased its product line-up, with new additions to its Conductor4SQL suite.

As a result’s driven organisation, with its balance of existing and new skills and experience, the company is well on its way to deliver on its growth mandate for the coming year.

Michael’s Career successes

Michael de Andrade has over 18 years of commercial experience, a track record of developing quality software solutions and a wealth of management and leadership experience.

His education includes a BSc in computer science/information systems specialising in software engineering, amidst other certifications in various computer programming, DB development and scripting languages.

Michael’s Current Role

“I joined EnterpriseWorx in 2003 as a co-founder and, in addition to my current duties as MD, in the past, I have been the Technical Manager of the Data Management team, BI team, and custom Software Development team.”

De Andrade is ideally positioned to lead EnterpriseWorx, the application development, data management and business intelligence (BI) specialist, as he has a strong background of technical expertise, inclusive of Microsoft and open source platforms and extensive Java, Linux and Unix integration knowledge, all in the enterprise arena.

How Michael impacts on EnterpriseWorx

“My most favoured and greatest passion is now to grow EnterpriseWorx and in doing so develop people’s careers in the technology space - from development to execution.”

How Michael impacts on company clients

As Managing Director his focus is to support the executive team - so as to fulfil their promise as per their value proposition as an organisation: "A Promise to the customer that we will implement the best solution for their unique needs".

Sean’s Career successes

Sean Longhurst has been a leader on various successful large scale BI projects, from delivery of the Data Warehouse to enabling hundreds of users on various B.I platforms.

He is the creator and current Product Lead for a unique commercial Microsoft SQL Server product that is currently delivering value to large JSE Listed companies.

Sean’s Current Role

Longhurst is currently the head of Conductor4SQL (C4SQL), which is an EnterpriseWorx in-house developed product. His main role and passion is ensuring that the product vision is in place, making sure product development is focused on delivery for customers’ needs, and focusing on the growth of the product locally and internationally.

Additionally Sean serves as an Executive Director on the Board of Directors for EnterpriseWorx, to ensure the company is engaged in the right technologies, delivering value to customers through the best fit technologies for them. He is also responsible for the overall strategy of technology within the organisations strategic vision.

How Sean impacts on EnterpriseWorx

Conductor4SQL is a key strategical asset to the EnterpriseWorx and the success of the product is critical to the organisation. Sean’s role is focused on growing and maintaining the success of the product, thereby driving profitability and sustained growth within the organisation.

“Within my role as Director, its key impact is with the direction and strategy of technology moving forward in the organisation, which is of utmost importance for an I.T company.”

How Sean impacts on company clients

Sean strives to engage one on one with all C4SQL clients, offering his personal advice and services, as well as making sure that EnterpriseWorx customers are getting value out of the product.

“I also engage with our clients to understand their needs for the product and ensure that these are delivered in the development roadmap of the product. Ensuring client satisfaction is one of the most important aspects of my role within the organisation.”

Why EWX believes Sean is the right person for this role.

“Besides being the longest standing co-shareholder and co-executive director in the business, he has been an amazing Innovator in the Conductor4SQL space with extensive and in-depth knowledge of the MS SQL engine.” – Michael De Andrade, MD, EnterpriseWorx

Ian’s Career successes

Ian Child is a Chartered Accountant who has an honours degree it IT. In his financial capacity he has had various roles as the CFO in large organisations. This role has typically been coupled with the dual responsibility of CI / IT Director. Child held the position of Group CIO at the JD Group for nine years and a further six years as CIO for the Ellerines Group. Ian has a unique blend of technology, finance and business skills.

Ian’s Current Role

Ian’s current role at EWX is that of the Chief Operating Officer, in this capacity he is responsible for a number of areas ranging from service delivery excellence to the creation of unique solutions for EnterpriseWorx clients. In addition to this, he is responsible for driving business development and has proven himself passionate about the continual elevation of skills within the company.

How Ian impacts on EnterpriseWorx

By continually scanning the environment for new technology and business opportunities, Ian hopes to help EWX achieve its very aggressive growth targets for 2016. Additionally, Ian aims to see a substantial elevation of technical skills within the team, ultimately contributing to making EWX a preferred employer within the company’s market sector.

How Ian impacts on company clients

Ian’s unique combination of business skills, backed by a good understanding of technology and its application makes him the perfect client liaison. “I would like to add value to clients either by helping them grow revenues or reduce costs by providing innovative technical solutions.

Why EWX believes Ian is the right person for this role.

“Probably the longest standing supporter of EnterpriseWorx, who has now joined the organisation as an executive director – to help with operations. He comes with a wealth of experience from his past as CIO and CFO at various organisations.” – Michael De Andrade, MD, EnterpriseWorx

Jonathan’s Career successes

With a proven track record of providing clients with BI solutions using various toolsets, Jonathan van der Berg has been able to solve many a client’s pain points, enabling them to accurately track business strengths and weakness with the use of intuitive visual models.

With the addition of Prescriptive Analytics to Jonathan’s portfolio he is able to give clients new insights and advice to fast track and improve business specific performance resulting in an increased ROI.

Jonathan’s Current Role

Van der Berg is currently heading up the BI space as an Executive for EnterpriseWorx, “I aim to gain a clear understanding of the client’s business architectures and pain points, allowing us to provide the best suited solution to overcome these pain points and in so doing, achieve maximum business output and growth.”

How Jonathan impacts on EnterpriseWorx

Jonathan’s role enables EnterpriseWorx to provide clients with a BI solution tailor-made to fit their current and future needs. His belief that EnterpriseWorx should remain product agnostic allows for the right solution to be put into place resulting in strategic alignments with Business and long lasting partnerships.

How Jonathan impacts on company clients

Having worked on projects across a multitude of industries, such as retail, financial services, insurance etc. Jonathan has gained invaluable insight into stakeholders businesses and has developed strong client relationships over the years by enhancing and adding value to business processes.

Why EWX believes Jonathan is the right person for this role.

“Also a co-shareholder who has grown with the business and been involved in numerous areas of the business – but found a passion in the Business Intelligence area… He has the right ambition to take his team to the next level when it comes to BI and advanced analytics.” – Michael De Andrade, MD, EnterpriseWorx

Neal’s Career successes

Neal Donnan has worked in the enterprise software development space for more than sixteen years both locally and overseas in Ireland. His extensive experience includes the design and implementation of enterprise integration solutions, BPM solutions and custom web applications in both the financial services and retail industries.

Neal’s Current Role

Donnan is a long standing EXCO member at EnterpriseWorx and is responsible for the management and growth of the custom software development practice of the company. This includes architecting solutions for clients and overseeing the implementation of projects in both Java and Microsoft .NET technologies.

How Neal impacts on EnterpriseWorx

Neal’s vision is to create an environment that allows software developers and practitioners to do what they do best with all the right tools for the job. “This fosters great teamwork and personal growth and learning for developers to thrive and advance their careers.”

How Neal impacts on company clients

Neal is passionate about keeping up to date with the latest technologies and trends in the IT industry. Neal has a track record of using cutting-edge technologies to the benefit of EnterpriseWorx, enabling the company to deliver solutions in more cost effective and efficient ways. This allows customers to deliver real business change and meet their ever changing business requirements.

Why EWX believes Neal is the right person for this role.

“Another co-shareholder who has brought new blood into the application development team… He comes with extensive experience and a wealth of knowledge in the enterprise application development and architecture space.” – Michael De Andrade, MD, EnterpriseWorx

Kevin’s Career successes

Kevin Vock successfully completed multiple diplomas, including Honours in Comprehensive Programming and a Distinction in Web and Java Development.

He boasts ten years’ experience in Data Management and Development, during which time he fully architected and delivered enterprise Data Warehouses to multiple retail clients, as well as experience on multiple Business Intelligence projects implementing QlikView and Analysis Services.

He has extensive knowledge in all the major relational databases as well as database appliance experience and is well known for his optimisation skills.

Kevin’s Current Role

Having found his passion, Kevin currently heads up the Data Management team and is responsible for the growth and advancement of Data Management BI, Services, Analysis and Development, within EnterpriseWorx.

How Kevin impacts on EnterpriseWorx

Kevin has the ability to learn rapidly and has a reputation of becoming highly skilled in a new technology within a short period of time. “I endeavour to learn all the intricacies of any technology I work with and pass these concepts on to grow members of my team as much as possible.” Kevin is able to deliver sound advice and quality developments timeously.

How Kevin impacts on company clients

Kevin prides himself on making sure every one of his clients gets the best solution for their unique needs with high quality work and a quick turn-around time enabling the client to realise the value quickly. “I fight for the best interests of my clients and treat the situation not as if my team was a crew of external consultants but rather an in-house development team for their company.”

Why EWX believes Kevin is the right person for this role.

“A long standing colleague who has grown the data management competency at EnterpriseWorx with seriously niche knowledge when it comes to Database Administration and Development. He has been appointed as an executive to assist in the dedicated and smooth execution of the data portion of Solutions EWX offers to clients.” – Michael De Andrade, MD, EnterpriseWorx

Kathleen’s Career successes

Kathleen McAdam has over seventeen years’ experience in the IT arena. She has extensive knowledge in managing IT project portfolios and a wealth of experience leading successful IT Projects across the retail, financial service and cinema industry verticals. One of the significant recent highlights in Kathleen’s career is where she successfully managed the full business transformation of the legacy 35 mm projection technology, onto the state of the art digital platform for the most prominent cinema chain in South Africa, delivering the solution as the fastest known deployment worldwide.

Kathleen’s Current Role

McAdam’s current role is that of Delivery Executive at EnterpriseWorx in which she is responsible for ensuring delivery excellence within the four corners of the company. Kathleen works closely with the rest of the Executive team thereby enabling each team to deliver quality solutions to their customers.

How Kathleen impacts on EnterpriseWorx

Kathleen has proven herself able to provide leadership and to support the enterprise development teams, enabling them to meet delivery objectives according to project executives, partners, and client needs. She prides herself on being able to provide the necessary tools to enable the EnterpriseWorx teams to deliver quality solutions. A firm believer on leadership in delivery excellence, Kathleen implements a solution-driven, people-centric approach.

“It's about bringing the right people together within a delivery framework that is customised for that specific need, and effectively delivering the required solution.”

Kathleen has a diploma in formal project management, is a certified Prince 2 practitioner, and is also a qualified Scrum Master.

How Kathleen impacts on company clients

By encompassing the Agile values and principles, Kathleen’s main focus is to lead and enable the development teams to deliver value and quality to EnterpriseWorx customers.

Why EWX believes Kathleen is the right person for this role.

“Another new introduction to EXCO. She too has been appointed as an executive to drive delivery with EnterpriseWorx as an organisation, and to ensure that all tools are made available to those executing solution delivery at our clients – so that we can indeed deliver on our promises, on time and within budget.” – Michael De Andrade, MD, EnterpriseWorx

Brett’s Career successes

Brett Kanichowsky has had somewhat of a shorter career than his peers, being the youngest Executive member of EnterpriseWorx, however this has in no way hindered his successes or deterred him from adding value to the company and its clientele.

These successes are illustrated by the growth and diversification of EnterpriseWorx’s client base. Kanichowsky continues to aid EnterpriseWorx in developing the company’s pool of skill-sets whilst maintaining organic growth.

In just over 2 years, Brett, along with those supporting the new business team, has managed to grow the company client base by 150% by increasing the range of industries from 16 retail and insurance focused clients to over 40 clients spanning more than 5 industry verticals.

Brett’s Current Role

Brett, from the initial step in all EnterpriseWorx engagements, brings together the necessary skill-sets to ensure the customer’s needs and requirements are gathered and scoped with both business and technical input.

“EnterpriseWorx is a boutique technology service provider, meaning collaboration is key to company success.” He’s also responsible for tracking progress of all on-going engagements.

How Brett impacts on EnterpriseWorx

Brett’s aim is to achieve the desired brand awareness for EnterpriseWorx and to continuously grow the company’s value offerings in order to benefit new and existing customers. Brett has made it his goal to ensure customers and prospects feel comfortable throughout the engagement progress. “I endeavour to ensure long lasting relationships are developed and maintained.”

How Brett impacts on company clients

Brett is understanding of customer insecurities and goes beyond the call of duty to make sure as much risk is mitigated ensuring trust and confidence are instilled in EnterpriseWorx clients.

Why EWX believes Brett is the right person for this role.

“Also recently appointed as a new business executive… He is an extremely ambitious individual who flies the EnterpriseWorx flag. He is tasked with taking our solutions to market – to help organisations solve their pain points with the help of our other executive team members.” – Michael De Andrade, MD, EnterpriseWorx