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EWX moves into the digital marketing space

EnterpriseWorx is proud to announce that is has acquired Engenuity, a high-performing digital marketing agency. This strategic decision was taken by EnterpriseWorx management as it realised digital marketing is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world.

Engenuity was chosen primarily due to the company’s highly advanced skills in the digital marketing space as well as for its overseas footprint, particularly its strong presence in the USA.

The company was initially brought to life when two young, dynamic thought leaders, Andrew Burgess (Creative Director, Engenuity) and Lee Joffa (Managing Director, Engenuity) identified a gap in the market for performance-based marketing.

Burgess explains why digital marketing, and Engenuity in particular, differs from your standard social media agencies. “Following the fast growth and monetisation of our first global e-commerce business, Ninjapparel.com, we realised that there is a desperate need in the South African market for high-performance digital marketing services. It is common to come across social media agencies who focus on brand awareness and total prospect reach but we found that the idea of advanced audience targeting, conversion funnel management and data analytics, is quite foreign to most service providers. We believe that creativity without the necessary science to back it up is limited.”

While social media agencies are common place they are no match for digital performance marketing which directly drives customer revenue and tracks results. Engenuity feeds the engine room of a business, ultimately driving business results through sales.

According to Joffa, marketing of this nature gives their clients the competitive edge over industry rivals, “the advertising industry has evolved over the past several years. With advertising platforms that allow conversion tracking, businesses are now able to focus on performance and improve bottom line. In order to obtain the highest possible ROI, advertisers need to ensure a data driven approach, with audience segmentation to accompany their creative strategy. Facebook is emerging as a global leader in advertising. Engenuity delivers a performance-based, end-to-end solution to bridge the gap between advertisers and consumers.”

EnterpriseWorx affords Engenuity business intelligence skills rendering them a unique global player in the digital marketing space. Engenuity compliments the EnterpriseWorx range of offerings, with the new acquisition the team now consists of digital performance marketers, creative strategists, business intelligence specialists, data management architects and software engineers. “EnterpriseWorx wants to be at the forefront of the genius in data, analytics and mobile offerings… The acquisition of Engenuity and their value-proposition affords us the opportunity to play in these arenas, to help our clients take their marketing efforts to a superior level, taking full advantage of machine learning algorithms through the Facebook medium,” says Michael De Andrade, Managing Director of EnterpriseWorx.

Julien Swatton-Seymour, Financial Manager for Engenuity, says gone are the days for traditional advertising media (radio, newspapers and billboards). To make way for new media alternatives, statistics from Africa as a whole show that in 2014, 100 million people were using Facebook each month across Africa, with over 80% of these users accessing the network via mobile, and 9% of Africans use social media, with South Africans among the world leaders in time spent on social networks with an average of 3.2 hours a day, compared to a global average of 2.4 hours’ (source: Social Media and Marketing ins SA).

“I’ve enjoyed being part of the Engenuity success story with Ninjapparel.com, seeing how the company went from an expense driven company to a profit making self-sustaining business by only using Facebook advertising,” says Swatton-Seymour.

A South African survey was done and statistics show that its urban landscape is being replicated by Facebook, with growth in its economic hub of 55% on Johannesburg. Needless to say, because of this growth in one of its major four cities, some of South Africa’s biggest brands are seeing the opportunities, and increasing their social media budgets by almost 51% with the biggest spend being content marketing.

Both parties are very excited and believe this joint venture will open up limitless opportunities for companies wishing to grow their revenue through digital marketing.