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Elvis Has Entered the Building

Year End Function

On the 22nd of November, EnterpriseWorx held its year-end function at the beautiful Villa Simonne in Houghton Estate. From a gorgeous vintage Rolls Royce in the parking area, to the Casino Royale-style champagne fountain, to the 1920’s piano lounge with croupiers hosting Roulette and Blackjack, the Las Vegas theme was clearly evident. The only missing element was the players…. and they did not disappoint!

Employees and their guests arrived dressed for the occasion. High-rolling professional gamblers, armed mob bosses, showgirls and heiresses were scattered amongst the crowd. However, the main attraction was the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll incarnate (Zander Mulder) and his beautiful companion, Maryke Winkens. They walked away with title of best-dressed and received one night’s stay at Villa Simonne as their prize.

The members of the Executive Committee were also honoured with tokens of appreciation, followed by a heartfelt speech from Michael de Andrade that was both to the point as well as uplifting.

The evening continued with lots of fun and laughter, and even some dancing. Neal Donnan proved that although the luck of the Irish does in fact exist, it is sadly fleeting. Fortunately, the chips given at the Roulette table were complimentary.

On behalf of all of the employees at EWX, a huge thank you to the members of ExCo for approving and sponsoring the evening and to Marliesa Van Dyk for her stunning photos of the event.