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EnterpriseWorx Partners with Informatica to Deliver Data Management Solutions

EnterpriseWorx joins Informatica INFORM Programme

South African Business Intelligence (BI), data management and software engineering specialists EnterpriseWorx have become a member of the Informatica INFORM partner program to deliver data management solutions in South Africa. EnterpriseWorx has joined INFORM, Informatica’s worldwide partner programme, to expand its product portfolio to offer Informatica Data Quality andInformatica Master Data Management (MDM) to provide organisations an accurate and holistic view of their data.

EnterpriseWorx Managing Director, Michael De Andrade, says that the partnership with Informatica came as a result of its leadership status in the industry after a lengthy due diligence process by EnterpriseWorx.

“EnterpriseWorx is committed to delivering best of breed BI, data integration and software engineering solutions to our clients and we select our partners carefully. In Informatica’s data integration solutions, we see world-leading, robust functionality and a proven product suite that will enable our clients to maximise their investments in the people, technologies and processes around data storage and management. EnterpriseWorx’s clients are already showing great interest in what Informatica’s solutions can deliver,” he says.

De Andrade notes that the quality of data has become a critical success factor for maximising the value of information in an era of big data. “Companies are pumping money into hardware and software in a bid to leverage data, but unless they can obtain an accurate and complete view of their data, they will not see a full return on their data centre and analytics investments.”

“Local companies are now committed to making data quality a priority issue,” De Andrade says. “In South Africa, companies are viewing data as a strategic asset and competitive differentiator. As data proliferates, it will become increasingly important for them to be able to access clean data and a single version of the truth in order to fully utilise that data. In addition, increasingly stringent governance and compliance demands mean that clean and immediately accessible data is becoming even more important.”

“By teaming with organisations, such as EnterpriseWorx, Informatica can provide customers in South Africa with data integration solutions to enable them to maximise their data assets and increase their competitive advantage and extend Informatica’s reach in an important market,” said Fergal McDonnell, Director Regional Markets at Informatica.

“EnterpriseWorx has specialised in data management for many years,” says De Andrade. “But a changing environment has prompted the company to re-focus its data management offering to include more of an emphasis on data quality and master data management. Data management has evolved in recent years,” he says. “We have seen the BI revolution, and now big data is top of mind. How data is managed is increasingly important as businesses seek the competitive edge it can provide.”

“By bringing to market Informatica’s solutions, EnterpriseWorx believes it can help its midsize and large enterprise clients ‘sweat their data assets’. The sooner data quality becomes a focus in the business,” he adds, “the simpler and more cost effective it is to ensure successful data management as the company grows. It is important to invest in data quality from a relatively early stage in the life of a company,” he says. “With the newest solution added to our portfolio, we believe we can enable enterprises to achieve the level of data management they need to maximise the value of their data.”