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EnterpriseWorx – a reseller of the Kognitio Analytical Platform and Kognitio Cloud

EnterpriseWorx is an official reseller and implementation partner for Kognitio, the world’s fastest in-memory analytical platform for Big Data. It enables organisations to query large volumes of data in seconds.

The massively parallel processing (MPP) technology that runs in an all-RAM in-memory system enables real-time analytics, ease-of-use and flexibility. Linearly scalable from gigabytes to petabytes, Kognitio software can be deployed on industry-standard x86 servers, as an analytical appliance or even as a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution – Kognitio Cloud.

Kognitio powers analytics as an accelerator for data stored in any conventional data storage environment – databases and data warehouses – and is tightly integrated to work with Hadoop, enabling SQL access from any application or Business Intelligence (BI) Tool, such as MicroStrategy™ or QlikView™.

EnterpriseWorx is proud to be able to complement and extend the investments our clients have made in those technologies with the innovative Kognitio Analytical Platform, as their volume, variety and velocity of data grows and necessitates advanced analytics with ultra-low latency processing for reporting and analysis that gives our clients a competitive advantage.

The Kognitio Analytical Platform is in use in South Africa and around the world to power comprehensive applications like digital marketing, retail, media and loyalty analytics. Data Scientists and Business Analysts alike leverage the technology to do advanced analytics, including predictive modeling and forecasting, with its MPP in-memory code execution for standard programming languages and algorithms like R, SAS, Python and Perl.

For more information on how the Kognitio Analytical Platform can benefit your organization, contact your EnterpriseWorx Relationship Manager today.