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Data Management Services


EnterpriseWorx can ensure that your MS SQL databases are well looked after, fast and reliable. This is done via services that cover the full range of MS SQL administration – from backup and DR to setup and configuration. We provide monthly summary reports of your environment.

Network Troubleshooting

EnterpriseWorx are experts in identifying and documenting network bottlenecks for data delivery.

Troubleshooting Applications

We can work hand in hand with software vendors and developers to identify and troubleshoot applications that are not functioning as intended.


We can help you with the Dev Ops management of moving database developments between environments, e.g. from 'Test' to 'Dev' to 'QA (Quality Assurance)' to 'Production'.


EnterpriseWorx can help with your database infrastructure migrations. We have a proven track record of successfully moving data to new environments as well as doing in-place upgrades of your SQL environment. We will provide the best recommendations for your application upgrades, e.g. a new version of your ERP or CRM Software.


We strive to streamline your manual data operations and processes by automating tasks such as notifications (alerts), report delivery, data consolidation and transposition, etc.
Our goal is to eliminate repetitive and unnecessary human interventions thereby increasing staff productivity.


We will help your organisation establish an optimal throughput for your database to ensure performance scales to your growing requirements. After we have completed your initial baseline we can do scheduled baseline comparisons to assist your organisation in proactively mitigating system degradation.

Security Audits

We can assist your enterprise in a twofold manner by securing access to your data as well as securing the data itself.
Secure your access - Use an EnterpriseWorx Data Specialist to recommend and implement a security model to guard against unauthorised access to data whilst simultaneously granting employees and business partners access to the data they require. Our methods include server level configurations, best practices and education.
Secure your data – We use industry standard practices such as cell level encryption, transparent database encryption, backup encryption and data masking.

System Audits

Let us help your organisation optimally leverage your hardware by implementing best practices for your server level and disk configuration. EnterpriseWorx will help prepare you for SQL Server licensing audits.


Ensure you have a fast, reliable environment by using one of EnterpriseWorx's experts to optimise your data structures, applications and embedded SQL. EnterpriseWorx is an industry leader in this specialised field and use only highly skilled individuals with years of experience and who have an intuitive understanding of the SQL Engine and Optimiser. We are experts at making the best use of your current architecture thereby avoiding unnecessary and costly hardware upgrades.