Head Office:
24 Sturdee Avenue,
Contact details:
+27 (0) 11 301 0900
Office Hours:
Monday to Friday
07:30 to 16:30

Data Management Development

SQL Development

EnterpriseWorx's team of specialist SQL Developers will write or maintain all the back-end database code that makes all your business processes and business rules work.



We enable integration and communication between systems when legacy or proprietary systems cannot be altered.


The EnterpriseWorx data management team works to ensure accelerated development time with high-quality results during the Extract-Transform-Load process. We combine industry best practices and the latest ETL stacks to ensure that clients' critical business information is assimilated to the highest standards.

Warehouse/ODS Development/Single View Development

We will implement a Kimball style warehouse that will serve your entire enterprise with the information it needs. This information can then be used for archiving, reporting or BI purposes.
For a quick and easy reporting structure, the EnterpriseWorx data management team can develop siloed Operational Data Stores for specific business units.
Single View Development will allow you to represent your company-wide domains, such as Supplier, Customer, Product or Asset information, in a single point of reference.