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Data Management BI

Static Reporting

EnterpriseWorx can create static reports for operational purposes which can be scheduled or run immediately upon request. These set reports are determined by business to limit user error.

Self-service Reporting

We can enable mature BI users to access and work with corporate information as they see fit, allowing them to make informed decisions based on their own train of thought.

OLAP Cube Development

EnterpriseWorx’s Data Management specialists can enable an exceptionally fast and responsive reporting system with a front end of your choice by developing an OLAP Cube. This will allow you to aggregate figures exceptionally quickly, report in more than two dimensions and easily slice and dice. It also allows for data mining, such as, forecasting, basket analysis, sequence clustering, neural networks and logistic regression.
We provide MDX and/or DAX development, depending on your enterprise requirements.

Data Management remains an essential part of any information lifecycle within an organisation. There can be no integrity in data driven decision making without a robust and effective Data Management environment. At EnterpriseWorx we pride ourselves on our ability to provide the highest quality Data Management services and technology to ensure that the vital information which reaches the business decision makers has been processed correctly and can be trusted.