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Data Management Analysis

Business Analysis

EnterpriseWorx can bridge the gap between business and IT by providing you with a holistic overview of your entire business data flow, thereby enabling your company to use your data effectively.


We specialise in building or migrating to robust and reliable environments that are able to scale with your business growth. This is done in a two-fold manner:
Hardware – We offer expert advice on choosing and implementing your physical hardware for things such as your applications, databases and DR (Disaster Recovery).
N-Tier Architecture – We assure you the best advice on how data should flow through your company.


EnterpriseWorx will optimise your database to work as fast as possible for the function you require it to by normalising (e.g. capturing transactional data) or denormalising (e.g. reporting/analytical needs) your data.
We can create the right data structures for your needs by assisting you with the design of an OLTP system for high writes or an OLAP/ODS system for high reads. We are also able to architect a hybrid of the two.

Data Exploration

Let one of our data specialists help you understand your data better and faster by giving you statistics you never knew you had available, such as how complete your data is, what inconsistencies there are, duplicated data and the type of data you have.

Quality and Cleansing

Validate and fix your data.
Data Quality – Allow us to help you validate your business rules and find data which is not conforming.
Data Cleansing – We can assist you in automatically fixing any invalid data so as to make your data useful.