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Custom Software Development

There are many reasons why an off the shelf product might not meet the needs of the organisation making more financial or strategic sense to undertake a custom software development project.

Your organisation may have encountered one of the following scenarios:
* An off the shelf product that would meet your needs does not exist;
* The customisations desired on a bought software platform would require more time, and be more costly, than developing a custom software package;
* Developing a custom solution would enable a significant competitive advantage over competitors;
* Not enough resources exist, or resources are too expensive, for the available commercial software packages.

We are able to provide advice and guidance on the entire software development lifecycle, including analysis and design, implementation, testing and deployment, and support. This includes implementing changes and additional features after initial deployment as and when they are needed.

EnterpriseWorx staff have a wealth of experience developing custom applications in the retail, marketing, insurance, banking and mobile phone industries.

Examples of applications our specialists have developed include, but are not limited to, the following:

* Web Content Management

solutions, including customer

profiling and bulk email and

SMS marketing.

* Intranet Website, including the following features: a workflow system, leave requests, performance reviews, HR functionality, an

opinion poll, a discussion forum, and a for sale board.

* Insurance Premium Calculator

* Insurance Quotation Engine

A BPM Engine, automating several business processes in the banking industry.

* An International Payment Engine for a major bank, integrating several in house systems.

* A Web 2.0 Application for personal photo and video management for a major telecoms company.

* A POS System for the retail industry

including several modules.

* A Timesheet Application.

* Web Service Development allowing

several legacy applications to be

integrated using modern web

service standards.