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As the volume, complexity and pace of data increases, it becomes more and more important to be able to integrate and analyse that data in time to take appropriate action. EnterpriseWorx offers clients a ‘data-to-decisions’ environment. This allows information to flow freely and securely, and enables efficient, effective decision-making. Whether we’re assisting a JSE-listed company or a mid-sized organisation, we can increase business performance by delivering superior business intelligence solutions at competitive rates.

Descriptive Analytics

Forms the basis for almost all types of management reporting i.e. sales, operations, logistics, marketing, finance etc. By analysing historical data one can quickly determine the reasons for either success or failure. By creating meaningful aggregations on the mined data one can provide valuable insights as how to approach the future.

Analytics is the discovery and communication of meaningful patterns in data (corporate, product, channel, and customer). It's not the data but the signals in and across data.

Predictive Analytics

This form of analytics uses a combination of analytical techniques, algorithms, business rules, computational modelling procedures and machine learning on big data sets to provide business with multiple “possible” future outcomes and the effect / implications of each possible decision. By using multiple sources of information which could include external data set / factors such as social media, economic data, population demographic trends, weather conditions etc. prescriptive models provide insights on what will happen, when it will happen and why.

Prescriptive Analytics

By analysing historical and transactional data, predictive models are able to exploit / highlight patterns and trends that appear within the data when a particular set of conditions are applied thereby identifying and predicting possible future business risks and opportunities. This form of analytics makes use of a variety of statistical techniques which include game theory and machine learning.